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Bellflower, California has a population of 76,000 residents. It is a Los Angeles suburb. The largest employer in the city is the Bellflower Medical Center, followed by Kaiser Permanente. Bellflower does not maintain its own fire department, ambulance services, or police department. The majority of public safety services are provided by Los Angeles County, with the exception of ambulance services, which are handled by Care Ambulance Service.

The primary modes of transportation in the area are State Route 91, also known as the Artesia Freeway, and Interstate 605, also known as the San Gabriel River Freeway. Public transportation is available through the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Bellflower Bus, and Long Beach Transit. Many who are unable to afford their own car rely on these services. The economy is suffering, largely in relation to the recent economic turmoil experienced by the entire country. Many are turning to Bellflower bankruptcy attorneys to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. The majority of the city is served by the Bellflower Unified School District. There is a private school, too, known as the St. John Bosco High School.

A number of notable individuals maintain residency in Bellflower, including the famous X-Files screenwriter Chris Carter. There is little of note in the area outside of general retail and recreational businesses. Many are struggling to find work in Bellflower while the city attempts to stimulate the economy. They are turning to Bellflower bankruptcy attorneys in record numbers hoping to regain their financial footing.

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The majority of retail businesses are still located on Bellflower Boulevard, which was the cities first major thoroughfare. Currently, residents can enjoy arts and crafts shops, several high-end boutiques, and a number of large, national retail chains.

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