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Culver City, California is located in Los Angeles County and has a population of approximately 38,800 people. It has been the center of a large controversy surrounding the annexation of property that surrounds it, and as a result, has lost about five square miles of land. Its motto is “The Heart of Screenland,” which refers to the town’s storied history with the movies. MGM Studios was originally headquartered there. Currently, Sony Pictures and National Public Radio (NPR), and the NFL Network operate out of Culver City.

Many of the world’s most well-known movies were filmed there, including Gone with the Wind, King Kong, and The Wizard of Oz. Today, very little filming actually takes place in Culver City, though it is home to a number of noteworthy actors.

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The median income is currently $51,000 per household. The economy is largely dependent on its wide array of retail businesses, which are still recovering from the economic recession of the late 2000s. Many citizens are out of work or have been forced to accept lower paying jobs than they once had. Those who are unable to continue making ends meet are seeking the help of Culver City bankruptcy attorneys.

Working with a Culver City bankruptcy attorney is a great way to eliminate debts that can no longer be paid. It provides an opportunity to start anew. As a requirement for most bankruptcy filings credit counseling courses must be taken. This is to help ensure that those filing for bankruptcy in Culver City won’t put themselves in similar positions again in the future.

Many notable people live in the area, including Jack Black, Drew Barrymore, Art Alexakis, Todd Baker, and Helen Hunt.

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