Hawaiian Gardens

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Hawaiian Gardens, California is the smallest city in Los Angeles with a population of only 14,254. Their motto is “Our Youth, Our Future.” The entire city encompasses less than a square mile.

An interesting bit of trivia involves the town’s name. In the 1920s there was a small, somewhat unremarkable snack stand operating in the area. It was decorated with bamboo and palm fronds. At the time, Hawaiian Gardens was a small, rural town, and the snack stand was its only notable feature. Locals began to refer to it as the Hawaiian Garden. When the town was officially incorporated in the 1960’s the name stuck.

It is one of only three cities in the Los Angeles area where casino gambling is legal. This may have something to do with the financial problems some of the residents are experiencing. Many Hawaiian Gardens bankruptcy lawyers are reporting that they are busier than ever before.

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The casino generates nearly $10,000,000 of revenue per year for the city. It is also the area’s largest employer, maintaining a staff of 1,000 residents year-round. It is an essential part of the local economy, as there are few retail businesses. There are several bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, but none are noteworthy. The Tri-City Regional Medical Center provides medical care to many Los Angeles residents and is the second largest employer in the area.

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