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Downey, California is a city in Los Angeles County. It has a population of close to 112,000 people. Many are still reeling from the economic setbacks of the late 2000s and are relying on the help of Downey bankruptcy attorneys to get their lives back on track. Downey bankruptcy lawyers generally offer free consultations, allowing those who are considering filing for bankruptcy to see if it’s a viable option.

One interesting piece of trivia about Downey is that it is the home of several of the world’s “oldest” fast food restaurants. For instance, the first McDonald’s was founded on Lakewood Blvd and is still in operation today. The first Taco Bell restaurant was founded in Downey in 1962 on Firestone Boulevard and has remained in operation ever since. Johnie’s Family Restaurant is a famous drive-in that has been featured in dozens of television shows and movies.

The Downey Farmer’s market is one of the most popular attractions, not just for local residents, but also for visitors. It operates every Saturday through the morning and into the afternoon. Visitors can purchase California-grown produce and enjoy a number of eclectic food stands. Some who have tried to operate a food stand at the farmer’s market ended up failing and turned to the help of a Downey bankruptcy attorney to eliminate their debts and start over.

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Downey maintains an organization known as GOOD (Gangs Out of Downey) to respond to a problem in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The campaign proved relatively successful and the previously high crime rate has been reduced significantly. GOOD has served as a model framework for other communities looking to start similar programs. The primary focus of the program is helping students get to college successfully.

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