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Avalon is a small city located on Santa Catalina Island. It has a population of just 3,725 residents. It was originally settled by the Tongva tribe, and was purchased by a number of developers who all intended to develop it into a resort community. Most of them went bankrupt in the process. If you find yourself facing similar financial difficulties contact an Avalon bankruptcy attorney to help you navigate through the complicated process.

There is little for the locals to do other than go to the beach. The majority of Avalon’s economic activities are based around Avalon Bay, where ships of various sizes can be seen coming and going throughout the day. One notable feature of the bay is the Cabrillo Mole, which serves as the primary dock for the bay.

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A beautiful pedestrian walkway exists where visitors can enjoy a stroll by the beach. The walkway, all of its adornments, palm trees, and fountains, were added by Phillip K. Wrigley when he purchased the rights to develop the island into a resort in 1934. Pleasure Pier is a popular area for visitors, as well, and is home to the Catalina Casino.

Descanso Beach is privately run and also attracts a large number of visitors looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. It features white sands and clear, blue waters. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to find yourself down on your financial luck, working with an Avalon bankruptcy lawyer may help you regain control. Many surfers frequent the area because of the predictable, large, waves.

The Hamilton Cove condominiums exist in the northern area of Avalon. Nearly all of the condos are second homes. Nearby, Lovers Cove serves as a dive park.

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