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Glendora, California is a city with approximately 50,000 residents. It is nicknamed “The Pride of the Foothills.” Don’t let your pride keep you from consulting with a Glendora bankruptcy attorney, though, if you feel you need one. A Glendora bankruptcy attorney can help you eliminate the debts that are keeping you from living your life to the fullest.

The city is known for having one of the best ranked school districts in the country. Students consistently perform in the top five percentile for the nation in math and reading. There are also several private schools, although their students do not tend to rank significantly better than those attending the public school.

There are a number of public services and recreational parks, too. Glendora’s Parks and Recreation department is one of the best funded in the nation and maintains several summer camps for residents. The most popular is nicknamed Dirt Camp, lasts for eight weeks, and hosts 500 kids from June to August.

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There is a fantastic 9-hole golf course that offers a driving range, private instruction, and a large practice area. The Glendora Mini Bus service provides public transportation to many of the residents, but is particularly helpful for the handicapped and elderly. It offers a curb-to-curb service and only charges fifty cents for a ride. Many rely on the service because they can’t afford any other form of transportation. The recession caused the local economy to suffer significantly, and many are still rebounding. Those who need a bit of extra help getting things back in order should work with a Glendora bankruptcy attorney to accelerate the process.

The largest employers are both educational institutions and employ more than 1,400 people between them.

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