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Bradbury, California is located in the San Gabriel Valley. It is a part of Los Angeles County and is known as one of the most affluent cities in the region. It is also relatively small for cities in the area, having a population of 1,000 residents. The community is rather exclusive.

There is actually little to do in Bradbury, and residents are forced to travel outside of the city for entertainment. It is in the heart of Los Angeles County, though, so they never have to travel far to find something to do. While the area is notably affluent, there are some who may need the help of a Bradbury bankruptcy attorney. This can happen because they developed a lifestyle that they were once (but no longer) able to maintain. There are few from the area that would openly admit to needing the help of a Bradbury bankruptcy lawyer, though.

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There are a number of notable residents. Lynsi Torres, the owner of In-N-Out Burger, is a current resident. Yang Rong is a Chinese billionaire known for his automotive factories. Two famous televangelists (Melissa Scott and Peter Popoff) live in the area.

Most of the citizens of Bradbury send their children to public schools. Because of this, much of the public education for children in the city is provided by the Duarte Unified School District. One interesting achievement of Bradbury is Forbes magazine’s declaration that Bradbury is the most expensive zip code in America. The median home price, at the time, was $4,300,000. This is largely out of sync with the median income in the area, which hovers around $105,000. This may be why so many are turning to Bradbury bankruptcy lawyers to legally escape the debt they have accrued.

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