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Burbank, California is located in Los Angeles County. It has a population of 103,000 people. It is notable for housing the headquarters of many international media companies.

Burbank is divided into two areas. The downtown district houses the civic center and the majority of the notable neighborhoods. This entire area is located along foothills that are the start of the Verdugo Mountains. The Flatlands is the second area and is largely residential.

The 1920s brought the entertainment industry to Burbank. First National Pictures maintained a studio there from 1926 until they went bankrupt. Many individuals and businesses are currently dealing with financial issues and should consider meeting with a Burbank bankruptcy attorney to assess their options. In most cases, the initial consultation with a Burbank bankruptcy lawyer is free.

Many media companies are still present in the area, including Disney, Columbia Pictures, and Warner Music Group. When combined they are the largest provider of employment for local residents. Those who aren’t employed by the media companies may find it difficult to secure well-paying, long term work. Because of this, they may eventually need the assistance of a Burbank bankruptcy attorney.

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One of the most important neighborhoods in Burbank is Magnolia Park. It was originally founded in the 1920s and grew to contain 3,500 homes in just six years. When the city of Burbank refused to fund the creation of a new street the developers did it themselves. This started a tradition of independence in Magnolia Park, and the neighborhood still maintains to fund a large portion of their civic needs on their own. Thus far, they have been able to fend off real estate developers that wish to expand the area, even though it would bring them additional revenue.

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