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Bell California, is a part of San Antonio Township. It has a population of approximately 35,000 residents. Bell is the third smallest city in the United States with a population of 25,000 or more.

It has a long history. The first known inhabitants of the area are the Gabrielino Indians, who arrived in 500 B.C. It was then colonized in the 1500’s by Spanish settlers. The first Spanish family to settle there were the Lugos, who would eventually have one of their family members become the mayor of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the family’s fortunes dwindled away to almost nothing and all of their land was auctioned off for less than $1 per acre. Many living in the area today are suffering with financial difficulties, too, and would benefit from a consultation with a Bell bankruptcy attorney. Doing so could help them break free of the overwhelming debt they’ve accumulated. Many refuse to even reach out to a Bell bankruptcy lawyer, though, as they fail to realize the initial consultation is usually free.

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Bell was also the subject of a nationally publicized embezzlement scandal, and the local economy is still reeling from this. Robert Rizzo, who was the City Manager, was found to be using tax payer’s dollars for his own personal benefit, along with many other members of the City Council. The budget deficit is still notably huge, falling short by millions of dollars. Because of this, the Bell Police Department will likely be disbanded, with law enforcement responsibilities passed on to the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department.

Until the economy stabilizes many will be forced to turn to a Bell bankruptcy lawyer to wipe out their old debts and gain a clean slate.

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