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Azusa, California is located in Los Angeles County. The population of Azusa has been experiencing slow, steady growth over the last decade. Between the 2000 and 2010 census the population increased by nearly 2,000 residents to 46,361.

Many locals have felt the pressures that result from a combination of a high cost of living and a suffering economy. There are plenty of Azusa bankruptcy lawyers that can help with these situations. If you’re no longer able to handle the financial responsibilities that were once easy, it may make sense to contact an Azusa bankruptcy attorney.

It is a commonly believed urban legend that the town derives its name from the phrase “Everything from A to Z in the USA.” This actually isn’t true. The name actually comes from the Tongva tribe, and is what it was originally called.

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The largest employer in all of Azusa is the Azusa Unified School District. More than 1,600 residents make a living working for it. The second largest employer is Northrop Grumman, with 1,100 employees. While employment may be abundant in the area, it’s still not easy for everyone to keep up with their bills. If you’re facing a similar situation, you may want to contact an Azusa bankruptcy lawyer for help.

The town maintained a fire department through 1982. It was then merged with the LACFD (Los Angeles County Fire Department). It does still maintain its own police department, who frequently interacts with the Azusa 13 – a gang that has been a presence in the city since the mid ‘60s.

One of the most notable residents from Azusa is Tony Robbins, the world renowned motivational speaker. He has worked with President Obama and Oprah on a number of occasions.

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