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As one of the smaller suburbs of Los Angeles, South Pasadena is a picturesque town that’s preferred by those who need to do business in LA but don’t want to live in the big city. It is located just on the southern side of Arroya Seco from the larger city of Pasadena. The town is known for its tree-lined streets that include native species from California like ash, redwood, and walnut.

The business district in South Pasadena is mostly made up of small shops often referred to as “mom and pop” establishments. However, you can find a South Pasadena bankruptcy attorney if you need help with overwhelming debt.

Every Thursday in the Mission West District, South Pasadena holds the Farmer’s Market, which offers a variety of different fresh fruits and vegetables stands as well as homemade items for sale. The Rialto Theater and the Fair Oaks Pharmacy are both located downtown and they are historic buildings with unique architecture for the area. Other things to see in South Pasadena include: Amy’s Playground, the South Pasadena Tiger Run, the banks of the Arroyo Seco, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If you want to spend time in the outdoors, then you can enjoy the San Gabriel Mountains, where you will find hiking paths, camping areas, wildlife viewing spaces, and more.

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Living in Southern California means understanding the expensive way of life that comes along with a lifestyle near the beach and LA. If you do get into debt, then it can be very hard to pay your bills off and even harder to avoid building up more debt. Because of this, you may consider bankruptcy as the best way to solve the situation and start rebuilding your life. Before you make any decisions, though, you need to contact a South Pasadena bankruptcy lawyer.

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