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Calabasas, California is situated in the western hills of the San Fernando Valley. It is an affluent area with a population of just over 23,000 residents. It is one of the newest officially recognized cities in the area, having only been officially incorporated in 1991.

One of the primary attractions for locals is the Civic Center Complex, which includes the Calabasas Library, several meeting rooms, and modern amphitheater. The complex is also the home of the Calabasas Channel, a local public broadcast station. The city spent roughly $45,000,000 on the center despite an ailing local economy. Many citizens of Calabasas have recently found a need for the assistance of a Calabasas bankruptcy attorney. If you find yourself in a situation where getting the help of a Calabasas bankruptcy lawyer could prove beneficial be sure to reach out to see what is possible.

There are dozens of popular annual events that attract visitors from the surrounding areas. These include the annual Pumpkin Festival, the Fine Arts Festival, Easter’s Eggstravaganza, and the Fourth of July Spectacular. While these events generate significant amounts of revenue for the city, they do little for those in need of a Calabasas bankruptcy attorney.

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One notable feature of the city is the Brandon’s Village Universally Accessible Playground. More than 5,000 children with special needs have access to the park. It was designed by a non-profit organization that specializes in universally accessible playgrounds and comprises an entire acre of Calabasas. The park has won numerous international awards.

Finally, the citizens of Calabasas are known for their active environmental stewardship. Large portions of the city and surrounding areas have been designated as having important environmental or historical significance and, therefore, received protective status.

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