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The word, Montebello, translates from Italian to mean “Beautiful Mountain”. It’s a fitting name since the town is located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Montebello is one of the gateway cities in Los Angeles County. That means it and a few other towns are considered the main entry into the LA metro area and the Pacific Coast. A moderate sized town, Montebello is best known for the oil industry and large oil reserves within its city limits.

The city does have a bustling business district, and if you are dealing with financial difficulties, then you have access to a Montebello bankruptcy lawyer. It could be that filing bankruptcy is your best option. There are several parks throughout town, including the Grant Rea Park, which offers a small zoo, kids’ rides, a merry go round, and a small train. There is also a golf course in the city, which includes 18 holes, a clubhouse, a conference center, a pro shop, and more. The Montebello Municipal Golf Course is considered one of the most well-built city courses in the state.

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A great deal of the picturesque look in Montebello can be attributed to the some 20,000 trees that are maintained by the city. It is a quiet town to live in when you prefer to stay outside of the Los Angeles metro area, but living in a small place doesn’t mean you won’t ever struggle with your finances. In the modern world, financial difficulty has become more commonplace, and that means more individuals are choosing to file bankruptcy. What many people don’t know is that there are different ways to file and you don’t necessarily have to give up everything, like your home and vehicle. It’s vital that you work with a Montebello bankruptcy attorney before making any decisions that could affect your future.

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