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Duarte, California has a population of just slightly more than 21,000 people. Its motto is “The City of Health.” It was originally settled by Shoshonean Indians in 2,500 years ago. The first time Europeans set foot in the area was in 1769, when it was claimed by Spain’s King.

The city has a rich religious history. The Mission San Gabriel Arcangel was established in 1771 and became an essential resting point for travelers through the 19th century. Many of the Tongva Indians that were present at this time were eventually taught agricultural methods and organized into communities. After California was ceded by Mexico to the United States the land was organized into parcels and sold off to pioneer families.

There is actually little of note in Duarte besides a plethora of places of worship. There are a total of sixteen, representing nine different faiths. Many churches work to help those experiencing financial difficulties. With an average household income of only $50,000 this is rather common. The cost of living is far greater than what many can continue to afford. It is wise for those struggling to pay off their debts to consider a consultation with a Duarte bankruptcy lawyer.

A Duarte bankruptcy lawyer can help you assess your situation and learn about the various options available if you’re in a similar situation. For many, the dream of homeownership will never come true as long as they remain in the area. It was rated as the most expensive housing market in the entire country by Forbes magazine.

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Duarte does not have its own police station or fire department. Both services are provided by Los Angeles County. There are, however, several skilled Duarte bankruptcy attorneys with offices in the city.

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