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Covina, California is located in the San Gabriel Valley, to the east of Los Angeles’s downtown district. It’s motto is “One Square Mile and All There,” in reference to its small size. Its previous motto was “Where Friendship is Traditional,” but this was abandoned in 1965.

Perhaps the 48,000 residents felt a little less friendly due to all of the economic troubles the city has experienced. For being a relatively small city in Los Angeles, it is rather easy to find a Covina bankruptcy attorney. They regularly help citizens absolve old debts that they can no longer pay. Once a resident meets with a Covina bankruptcy lawyer they take a credit counseling course and can then get back on with their life.

One of Covina’s claims to fame is the AMC 30, which is the largest multiplex in the country. It is located at the intersection of Azusa Avenue and Arrow highway. It is so large that construction required the developers to purchase a large portion of the former Sears building.

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Like most other cities in Los Angeles County, its public services are the largest employers. The Covina Valley Unified School District employs nearly 1,300 residents, while the Citrus Valley Medical Center employs just over 1,100. Other noteworthy employers include Ikea, Wal-Mart, and the City of Covina itself

The town is the subject of a tragic event that took place in 2008. Bruce Jeffrey Pardo donned a Santa Clause suit before visiting a Christmas party his wife was attending. Once inside, he opened fire and killed nine people before using a homemade bomb to burn the host’s home to the ground. He committed suicide thirty miles outside the city before he could be tried for his crimes.

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