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Whittier is one of the “Gateway Cities” to the Los Angeles metro area. This moderately large town is situated about 12 miles to the east of Los Angeles. Originally settled in the late 1800?s, Whittier has a rich history dating back to the Native Americans who once inhabited the area. The business district has been a work in progress by the Whittier Redevelopment Society and it has become a busy area. If you need a lawyer, you do have choices. You can even choose a specialist if you require the help of a Whittier bankruptcy attorney.

There are numerous historical sites throughout the town that you may wish to visit, including the Rose Hills Memorial Park, the Pio Pico Historic Park, the Paradox Hybrid Walnut Tree, and the Reform School of Juvenile Offenders. Some of the properties on the National Register of Historic Places include: the Hoover Hotel, the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, the Standard Oil Building, the National Bank of Whittier, and the Jonathon Bailey House.

Other area attractions include the Whittier Museum, Fun City Bounce, and the Montebello Barnyard Zoo. A short drive will take you to the beaches for sunbathing, surfing, and much more. The metro area of Los Angeles will offer a variety of shopping and dining options that you will be able to enjoy for the day, and you may even want to visit Hollywood and the various movie studios close by.

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Bankruptcy can be very scary and most people try to avoid it until they have no other choice. However, when you can’t seem to get a handle on your debt and the bills seem to continue piling up, it’s best to make a decision that will better your future. You should contact a Whittier bankruptcy lawyer who will be able to help you make the right decision.

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