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Glendale, California is a large city in Los Angeles County. It has a population of nearly 200,000 residents, which makes it the third largest city in the county. It also has the distinction of being the 22nd largest city in all of California.

The Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery is located in Glendale. It is notable for the large number of notable celebrities that are buried there. Among them is L. Frank Baum (creator of the Wizard of Oz), all three of The Three Stooges, and George Burns.

Demographically, the city of Glendale is somewhat average. The median household income is just under $42,000. While this would provide a suitable standard of living in most American cities, the higher cost of living in Los Angeles forces many to live in poverty-like situations. Those who have accumulated large amounts of debt should consider speaking to a Glendale bankruptcy attorney. Speaking with a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer may reveal several alternatives that can help eliminate these debts entirely.

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One piece of trivia that may seem interestingly odd is the large concentration of Armenians in Glendale. While many Armenian families were present in the area in the 1920’s, there wasn’t a notable population until the 1970’s. There is no clear explanation for why the surge took place in the 1970s. With that being said, many Armenian immigrants have adapted to living in Glendale remarkably well and have founded many successful businesses, several Armenian schools, and an ethnic and cultural service. The entire population accounts for nearly 35% of Glendale’s residents. A total of 65,000 Armenians live in the city.

Those who may be struggling financially should consider speaking to a Glendale bankruptcy attorney to see if there is anything that can be done to help them improve their situation.

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